ArthurArthur was born in Trinidad and Tobago. He immigrated to Canada in 1972.  He worked diligently and has acquired many skills over the past forty years.  He studied Forensic Psychology at York University. He is a teacher, trainer and facilitator.  He is a certified mediator who has worked in the area of negotiation and mediation on behalf of the Ontario court of Justice.  He is a tough, thorough negotiator and business man who have saved his clients ten of thousand dollars in every sector of life.  He is also the architect of Street Mediation a mediation model designed to reduce crime.

Arthur is the proud owner of Arthur’s Hair Design, one of the longest running Salon in Ajax and the Durham Region.  He has lived in the Durham Region since 1985.  Arthur is concerned that Ajax’s political representation is not keeping pace with the changing faces of the community.

He has been an active community volunteer including mentoring youths, founder and chairman of Durham Caribbean Resource center. He is the current chairman of The Aids Committee of Durham Region, Chairman of Black African Caribbean Canadian Outreach (BACCO) and sits on various boards across the Region. 

With years of hard work and community service under his belt, Arthur believes it is time for new energy in the local government of Ajax.  This election is about the future of our Ajax.  We need to keep our neighborhoods moving forward. 

Arthur Augustine embodies the bold, energetic, vibrant leadership that is the signature of the Ajax community.  Arthur will fight for the small businesses, protect the vitality of the parks, and tackle the algae issue that has plagued Ajax for many years.  He will work continually to keep housing cost at a reasonable level. 

Vision for Ajax

The previous administration, both the Council and Mayor, has created mayhem and chaos for Ajax.  Ajax has lost greatly while our closest neighbor, Pickering, has gained greatly.  Consider the following facts.

City of Pickering                                                                       Town of Ajax

Pickering is getting a new casino                                               Ajax has lost the Slots (casino)

Pickering is acquiring a new state of the art medical centre      Ajax is not

Pickering has a police station                                                     Ajax does not

Pickering has a shopping mall                                                    Ajax does not

Pickering has a flea market                                                         Ajax does not

Pickering has a VIP cinema                                                        Ajax does not

These are just a few of the advantages Pickering has over Ajax.

Ajax has lost the Slots to Pickering.  The Slots in Ajax is located at the most convenient location near Highways 2 and 412 which lead directly onto Highway 407.  Now the slots will be moving to Pickering. The proposed location will be a traffic nightmare.  Tens of thousands of dollars would have to be spent in Pickering to facilitate the traffic for this new location.  Ajax profited $7 million annually from associated tariffs.  Since the Slots opened, Ajax made over $70 Million in revenue.  With the relocation of the Slots from Ajax to Pickering, Ajax will experience an immediate decline in revenue.  Ajax would need to cut expenditure and seek alternative revenues to compensate for the loss of the Slots.

It would appear that previous municipal politicians in Ajax are more interested in maintaining their power rather than serving the people.

Ajax is no longer open for business.  We need to make Ajax open for business again.  Ajax is no longer an attractive town to investors.  Many residents who reside in Ajax usually shop in Pickering.  This puts great pressure on small business in the Ajax community.

Arthur’s vision for Ajax is to remove those disadvantages that it has compared to its neighbors.  He will reopen Ajax for business and transform our town into an attractive vibrant city.

Arthur Augustine needs your support to become Ajax’s next mayor. 

Together we aspire, together we achieve



Arthur Augustine’s Vision “Women issues”

I am the proud father of 3 beautiful daughters the youngest being 21. I am also from a family of 6 sisters. I have seen the women in my life encounter different challenges that are gender bias. My goal as mayor of Ajax is to work to increase women’s economic security and to end gender base violence. I would collaborate across government and with women’s organization to provide funding and grants to organization seeking to prevent gender based violence and increase women’s economic equality,

  1. I would ensure a gender lens is brought to the development of local government policies and programs.
  2. I would support violence prevention training for frontline workers

I am overly concern about the issues girls face right here in Ajax.

  1. Dating violence
  2. Self-harm
  3. Low self-esteem
  4. Racial discrimination

Although, girls are gaining ground in the educational arena but challenges still remain. As mayor, I would support girls to fulfill their potential. Ajax would be closer than any other municipality to closing the gender gap.

In my role as a family mediator and negotiator, I have seen that girls are more likely to be victims of family violence than boys. Girl’s mental health is also a cause for concern whether it is related to negative body image, depression or self-destructive behavior. My goal is to establish a Girls Action Foundation (GAF) right here in Ajax.

Together we aspire together we achieve