Why am I running?

I am confident in my ability to build a new Ajax. Establishing a strong economy, to nurture engaged residents and restore trust in Ajax’s council. The past few years of leadership resulted in a deterioration in almost every area of Ajax. We have seen a lack of meaningful job creation, inadequate housing, poor infrastructure and traffic chaos. I am running in this election because I love living, working and recreating in Ajax.

I have been to numerous council meetings across the region and I am quite aware of the pressing issues facing each municipality especially in Ajax. My years as one of the top mediators and negotiators in Ontario have prepared me to lead the town through solutions to the issues that are affecting the residents of Ajax. I have negotiated hundreds of cases achieving win-win outcomes for parties on all sides of those negotiations.

The town needs:

  • Someone who cares about the residents of Ajax
  • Someone who is wise, measured and would listen to the inputs of the residents

I am not pleased with the direction Ajax is heading. I have been a business owner in the region mostly in Ajax and Pickering for the past 35 years. Over the years, I have been and actively participate on various boards across the region mostly here in Ajax.

  • An active community volunteer mentoring youths.
  • Founder/chairman of Durham Caribbean Resource Centre
  • Chairman of the Aids Committee of Durham Region
  • Chairman of Black African Caribbean Canadian Outreach (BACCO)
  • Founder of Black Fathers of Ontario
  • President/ Treasurer – Mental Health Support Network (MHSN)

In order to overcome our challenges, we need action for an economic transformation, and accountability, inclusivity and diversity. We also need a mayor who can negotiate win-win outcomes between Ajax and, investors, business owners, the provincial government and neighboring municipalities. As mayor, my administration would be a government of the people, for the people, by the people

My priorities :

  • Limit any increase of property taxes.
  • Affordable age friendly homes.
  • Better marketing strategies to attract businesses including designation of Ajax as a City
  • Stronger community safety initiatives.